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Capillary electrophoresis training in Langen

If you are interested in a training on capillary electrophoresis in english please contact us under email hidden; JavaScript is required. Participation fee on demand.
The participation fee is for two days and includes documents, confirmation of participation, lunch buffet and drinks.

Workshop content
The workshop takes place over two days!
The seminar aims to impart theoretical and practical basics of capillary electrophoresis. In the morning, the different separation techniques (CZE, MEKC, ITP, CEC, CGE) and detection methods will be presented. In the afternoon, various applications are carried out on modern automatic devices. Guidance will be given for the development of new methods which will then be transferred to the analysis of samples brought by the participants.

By teaching the theoretical and practical basics of separation techniques, the participants will be enabled to make their own decisions on the choice of an analytical methods for a particular separation problem.

Target group:
The course is aimed at users and newcomers in the field of capillary electrophoresis, as well as managers or employees of analytical laboratories who want to apply modern analytical methods or seek solutions to specific analytical questions.

Exemplary program 1st day:
09.00 am Welcoming the participants
09.15 am Basics of capillary electrophoresis
10:00 am Influence of the electroosmotic flow (EOF)
10.30 am Coffee break
11.00 am Detection and injection
12.00 noon Lunch break
1:15 pm Experiment: Determination of cations and amines with indirect detection
2:15 pm Practical applications of capillary electrophoresis
3:00 pm Experiment: Determination of anions with indirect detection
4.00 pm Closing discussion, possibly measuring participants’ samples

Exemplary program 2nd day:
9:00 am Micellar electrokinetic chromatography (MEKC)
9.45 am Separation process (IEF, CGE, CEC and ITP)
10.30 am Coffee break
11.00 am Experiment: Determination of vitamins with MEKC
11.45 am Troubleshooting I
12.15 Lunch break
1:15 pm Troubleshooting II
1.45 pm Experiment: Measuring participants’ samples
2:45 pm Method development and application
3.30 pm Final discussion

The registration can be made by post or e-mail (email hidden; JavaScript is required) and becomes binding upon receipt at ICA. You will receive a confirmation of registration. The invoice will be sent 14 days before the start of the event.